the crown you never take off…

the crown you never take off…

“invest in your hair. after all, it is the crown you never take off…”

when i started cosmetology school they had us make dream boards, and this is a quotation i put on there.

i have always been interested in all things beauty, and this embodies how i feel.

you are always worth taking care of yourself, and this business is the perfect place to do it.

one of my favorite things to do blondes. i love taking a blank canvas and changing it to meet the guest’s desires.

One of my good friends Savanah came in for me to brighten up her blonde and blend in her natural hair.


Photo Mar 12, 11 36 28 AM (1)


Photo Mar 12, 11 36 34 AM

afterPhoto Mar 12, 11 36 40 AMPhoto Mar 12, 11 36 44 AM

Another one of my regular clients came in, and she has medium brown regrowth that she likes to lighten to platinum blonde.


Photo Mar 12, 11 36 48 AMPhoto Mar 12, 11 36 52 AM


Photo Mar 12, 11 36 59 AMPhoto Mar 12, 11 37 03 AM


i love the chemistry of color, and these are some of my favorite transformations to date!

thank you for reading, and i hope you crush this week!


x, J

me time

me time

image1 (1)


Who else loves to come home, eat a nice (see: takeout) dinner, pour yourself a glass of wine and just chill?

I know I do!

If I’ve had a long day full of clients, workouts, family time, work, etc., I love to have some relaxation time!

My cat, Rory, is usually on the side of the bathtub trying to stick her paws in the water to get some relaxation of her own!


This is definitely my favorite part of the day – especially when I get to use some yummy smelling bath bombs that one of my amazing coworkers, Julie, gave me for Valentine’s Day! (She is one of the best estheticians at Oasis Salon and Day Spa, so if you’re ever in the area, give us a call!)

I also love reading, and the book I currently have my nose stuck in is Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton, whom I love with all of my heart! Such an inspiring woman with such an amazing story! If you get the change to read any of her books, you’re in for a treat!

I am surrounded daily by amazing, inspiring, hard-working people, and if anyone knows my ambivert self, I can only be so outgoing before I need some me time!

What are some of your favorite ways to relax? What are some of your favorite bath products?

Leave a comment!

All my love,

X, J

Sugar, Sugar

Sugar, Sugar

Here in Missouri you never know what the weather is going to do…ever.

On Friday, the high was almost 60 degrees, and then that night we had an ice storm.

I woke up the next day to enough ice that there were multiple wrecks, my car was covered in a thick sheet of ice, and the police department had ushered us into emergency road conditions.

That being said, we had yet another couple of snow days, or ice days, if you will.

School was cancelled, and I didn’t have anything to do the entire day, so I decided to start watching the new cult classic This Is Us. I’m only 5 episodes in and my heart has already been ripped out a thousand times over. Also LOVING the sweet dad vibes Milo Ventimiglia gives off in this show – can I get some heart eyes up in here??


Anyway, I felt like baking as I always do, because I think taking a third nap of the day would be a little much.

So, at 7:00pm I decided to scrape off my car and go down the road to my local Food4Less and get the essentials – Diet Coke, sugar cookie mix, butter, and (in my opinion the most important) some [Yellow Tail] Pink Moscato.


Baking is always a perfect release to me, and it always reminds me that some of the best things take the most time. Granted, these sugar cookies didn’t take an ample amount of time, but they were still pretty freaking good.

I also loved using the cutest new mixing bowls my mom got on sale from The Pioneer Woman! They are multi-colored and come in a variety of sizes! If you don’t have yours, make sure you get some of your own here!



For me, the end result always ends up with me eating part of the cookie dough, and eating most of the cookies right as they come out of the oven…but that’s why I work out 😉


What’s your favorite type of cookie?

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All my love.

X, J

Keeping up with K&J

Keeping up with K&J


The Webster’s dictionary defines a best friend as “one’s closest and dearest friend.”

Not many people can say that about one person let alone many. I have had many “best friends” in my life that fizzled out to mere acquaintances.

The longer I live, the more I find that the ones you hold close won’t necessarily always be close to you.

You grow apart, your life changes, and you just have to realize that life isn’t going to be the same friend group you’ve had for years.

Although, some people just fall into your lap by the grace of God, and in no time you feel like family.

When I first started Cosmetology school, I was so nervous because I didn’t know anyone. On my way there, I’m not joking, I prayed and asked that the Lord would bring me someone in that school where I would have a lasting friendship, and that we could make an impact on the Kingdom of God.

And enter Kylie!



Kylie is one of my favorite people on this earth.

She cries over the most minute things that make her happy (sometimes we call her Krylie), she’s an amazing hairstylist, she hugs me after a long day in the salon, she loves Jesus just as much as I do, she uses the word “WOW” for (not kidding) every scenario, and she constantly tries to make people feel as wonderful as they can in their own skin.

It’s crazy that the Lord works in such crazy ways that you can develop a strong friendship in just seven months.

A few days ago, Kylie showed me around her hometown of Pittsburg, Kansas. Even though I live only 30-40 minutes outside of Pittsburg, I’ve only been there to see their ballet once…three years ago.

We found this PERFECT coffee shop called Signet Coffee Roasters, and they have the best Caramel Latte with HOMEMADE caramel! Honestly it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had, and I’m pretty picky! (Guilty as charged)



Pittsburg is precious, and I hope y’all can go there one day!

My life has gotten significantly brighter after this human came into my life! I’m so blessed by her every day, and I thank God that He brought her into my life!

I pray that the Lord blesses y’all with someone that encourages you, loves you, and gets 30,000 bean burritos with you whenever you want!

Kylie, thanks for being a rock in a hard place, and for being the sunshine on a cloudy day to everyone around you!



X, J


first i drink the coffee…

first i drink the coffee…


Who else is absolutely obsessed with the beauty that is coffee? Whether you drink it black or you put a little coffee in your milk, i think we would get along swimmingly!


i don’t know about you, but i have to start my day with coffee or my mood is off the rest of the day. It’s sad to say, but it’s true! at one time, i would drink about a pot of coffee a day!

i usually wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 everyday because of my wonderful internal clock…I don’t even really know what sleeping in is anymore! (how “wonderful,” am i right? ha)

every morning, the first think i do is go to the Keurig and start my coffee! because i wake up so early (most of the time), i get to sit and have my coffee before i get ready and start the day!


What’s your favorite type of coffee? I like lattes, cappuccinos, and pretty much any type of it!

Comment below with your favorite kind!


Have the best day!


X, J




the future is…

the future is…

On the anniversary of the women’s march, all I felt was pride.

I am SO proud to be a woman.

I love that I was raised in a generation that allows me to feel free to speak my mind.

I am proud that we have the right to take a stand.

the future is...

This is my most prized possession – that I can be powerful and love who I am in my own skin.

I have seen many people post on social media about being at the Women’s March yesterday in various towns, cities, and countries. I am filled with pride to know that I live in a country where women and men band together in UNITY to create an impact.


To create love.

To create peace.

To create EQUALITY.

To persist hatred.


Yes, some may say that the Women’s March is not loving or peaceful, and that is perfectly understandable.

Yet, from my point of view, the Women’s March is a time where women and men, people of all colors, people with different and unique backgrounds, young and old, hopeful and hopeless, can come together and fight for what matters to them.


This year has already been so impactful, from the #MeToo movement, to #TimesUp, I already am so proud of what has been done in 2018 – and we’re only 20 days in!


I do believe that one day every single human being will somehow be equal in the united states. It may not be this year, or even the next. But my hope is that in the NEAR future, we all will find that on the inside, we are all the same. We may have different skin on the outside, but on the inside we are one. We cannot find a difference once we look past color and gender.


We all have power.

We all have hope.

We all were made from love.

We all are equal.


my hope is that one day we find that statement to be true. Someday soon, we will find that we are all the same, yet beautifully unique.

So here’s to the dreamers, who know that one day their dream of equality will come true.

Once we find that we are all intrinsically the same yet different, that is when we will know that we complement each other, rather than oppose each other.

X, J

Adobe Spark

Snow Day

Snow Day

Welcome Back!

Today was my first official “adult” snow day! Yesterday we got between four and six inches of snow, and for southwest Missouri, that’s saying a LOT!

We have not gotten an immense amount of snow for the longest I can remember, and looking out to see this yesterday was my absolute favorite!

snow day 2

For Northerners, it may not seem like much, but for me, it’s a blessing to even get an inch.

Anyway, one of my FAVORITE snow day activities is baking. When I was younger, I would make it a point to bake anything and everything I could for the duration of the day. Now that I’m a little older, I mostly just take a vast amount of naps (I think I’ve slept more in the past two days than I have in the last two weeks). I’ve also read two entire books…

Before I bake, I usually like to light one of my favorite candles, and the one I’m (sadly) about to finish is a Bath and Body Works “Spiced Apple Toddy.”

Well today, I made my “famous” homemade cinnamon rolls…well if you count Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix as the homemade. 🙂 Hey, it’s slippery outside and I don’t want to slip and fall!

These beauties are baking in the oven as I write, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into one of them!

If I could share them with you all, I most definitely, without hesitation, would!

Here’s the finished product!


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All my love,